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Godzilla Vs. Kong Has A Jason X Reference That Went Unnoticed By Many

In “Godzilla vs. Kong,” Kong passes via a magical portal to a magical underground realm of monsters. There’s daylight on this underground realm, and loads of unique natural world not seen on the floor. Kong appears to distantly recall his legacy as king of this realm and even locates an axe-like scepter manufactured from a Godzilla scale. That is Kong’s area. Whereas exploring the underground kingdom, Kong fights a pair of creatures known as warbats, massive ugly moms manufactured from wings and enamel. He grabs one by its lengthy, whipping tail, swings it round, and clocks a second warbat within the head. 

Evidently the scene’s similarity to “Jason X” wasn’t a coincidence. Wingard wrote: 

“The large reference that I have not seen anybody decide up on is when Kong folds up and kills Nozuki (a.okay.a. warbat). That was impressed by the holodeck homicide scene in ‘Jason X’ when Jason picks up the camper of their sleeping bag and smashes them round.”

Not solely has Wingard seen “Jason X,” however he paid it homage in his goofy kaiju film. That earns him my everlasting respect. 

However then Wingard used the phrase “smashes them round” and never “smashed them into one another,” which can muddy the Jason waters a bit of bit. In 1988’s “Friday the thirteenth Half VII: The New Blood,” you see, Jason (Hodder) hoisted a bagged-up camper out of her tent and smasher her in opposition to a tree. The makers of “Jason X” could have been paying homage to that “New Blood” second with their holodeck scene. As such, Wingard was paying homage to an homage. 

The cycle of artwork is everlasting and exquisite. 

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